Breaking; milan send a shocking massege to PSG over their super’s star injury

Against the Rossoneri.According to a rumor,  is closely monitoring events in Paris since Kylian Mbappe might not be available for the Champions League match


There is now no assurance that Mbappe will be well enough to face the Rossoneri in a month, as reported by Pianeta Milan.

Mbappe departed the field early in the most recent PSG game against Marseille due to an injury. His left ankle will be examined to determine the severity of the problem.

It is unlikely that the injury would keep him out for longer than a month, but the testing will reveal more information. On October 25, PSG will host Milan at Parc des Princes.

There is no disputing that Milan’s duty would be made easier if Mbappe were to be removed from the situation. However, there would still be a substantial quantity of attacking threat to manage.

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