Aston Villa man responds to Sweden statement after Brussels attack”

The Swedish national team has issued a statement following the shooting deaths of two supporters in what is being considered to be a terrorist incident. This is the most recent Aston Villa news.

In response to a statement issued by the Swedish football team following the shooting deaths of two supporters prior to their match against Belgium, Aston Villa custodian Robin Olsen has responded.

Olsen began the match as Sweden’s custodian, but after hearing of the incident, players left the pitch before the half ended with the score at 1-1. After more than an hour, the game was officially called off, and later that evening, spectators were safely removed from the stadium.

Two Swedish nationals lost their lives as a result of the attack on Monday night. The event occurred approximately three kilometres from the stadium and 45 minutes before kickoff. The gunman was later shot and killed by Brussels police, and the attack is being investigated as a terrorist crime.

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On its official social media channels, the Swedish national team has now made a statement that states, “Swedish football has sadness – Sweden has sadness.”

“It should be obvious that we should support our Swedish national teams by wearing the blue-yellow national team shirt, but yesterday we tragically lost two blue-yellow supporters in Brussels.” We are praying for all the victims’ families, who must wake up to an unfathomable sorrow today.

We also have all of your supporters in our thoughts while they are in Brussels. We know that you were anxious and terrified just like us. However, you maintained your composure and heeded the directions that were announced through the speakers.

“Those who were the victims of this senseless attack are people we will never forget.” Look out for one another.

Olsen has reshared the text along with an emoticon of a broken heart on his personal Instagram story. The Villa custodian would have earned his 69th cap for his country during the match.



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