Aston Villa star admitted he feels sorry for Manchester City star

Following Jack Grealish’s ascent to prominence for Manchester City, Ollie Watkins has now said that he feels bad for the No. 10.

In an interview with the Independent, the Aston Villa No. 11 made the remark.

After all, what was Ollie Watkins’s opinion on Jack Grealish? Let’s examine this.

The England star was talking about how fans are now unable to visit Sainsbury’s without accosting him.

Watkins did, however, acknowledge that, in comparison to Grealish, for example, he is appreciative of his lack of popularity.

“I used to just go and shop in Sainsbury’s, normal,” the 27-year-old claimed. “I came to try and do it at Villa and I couldn’t.” When one person requests a picture, it may lead to two or three requests, at which point purchasing becomes challenging. When I got home, I was furious. I told my sweetie that I would never go out again, and I haven’t gone shopping since.v

“I can imagine for Jack, it’s 10 times worse. He’s on another level, he’s like a superstar.”

Grealish’s star has certainly shot up since making his £100m move to Manchester City in August 2021.

The 28-year-old has scored for England at a World Cup, while also becoming one of few players in history to win the treble.

Therefore, visiting Sainsbury’s would be, to put it mildly, an extremely stressful outing!

It’s possible that Guardiola wants more from Grealish at Manchester City.
Remarkably, Grealish was benched for the whole of Sunday’s 1-0 loss to Arsenal by Pep Guardiola.


Roy Keane then claimed that the Spaniard might be playing mind games with his £100m man, in order to get more out of him.

Whatever is happening behind the scenes, Grealish has started the 2023/24 campaign slowly, and must step things up a little bit at the Etihad Stadium.

Then Roy Keane said that the Spaniard might be manipulating his £100 million player to extract more of him.

Whatever goes on behind the scenes, Grealish needs to pick up his game at the Etihad Stadium because he has had a sluggish start to the 2023–24 campaign.

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