Braves Free Agent Targets for 2023–2024 Outfield”


The outfield raises less doubts than others on the Braves roster, but there are still some problems. Michael Harris II is committed to a long-term extension, and Ronald Acuña Jr. is obviously not going anywhere. But occasionally, left field has proven to be problematic.

After a strong season, Marcell Ozuna finally increased in value, and the Braves may decide to move him or hold onto him. It offers the Braves something to consider because he was a zero on offence during the postseason. Although Eddie Rosario is a postseason legend, his days in Atlanta might be numbered. The Braves possess a club option, which they can decide not to use. On a one-year contract, Kevin Pillar had already made hints that he would not return to Atlanta.

If Marcell Ozuna stays, the Braves probably won’t go out and spend astronomical prices for a left fielder (and they might not do so anyway), however if they do, it might be wise to look into some less expensive options.

OF Adam Duvall — Boston Red Sox

decide to roll with Ozuna in 2024. This will be a full series, so look out for future editions.

decide to roll with Ozuna in 2024. This will be a full series, so look out for future editions.

Once again, a familiar face—I’m sure every Braves fan would be thrilled to see Joctober return to Atlanta following two consecutive lacklustre postseason performances in which the offence lacked spark. It was a mistake to let Pederson go in the first place, and having him return would be an incredible signing.

Although Taylor signed a one-year contract with the Twins, the Royals kept onto him, delaying my prediction that the Braves would pursue him at the 2022 deadline. He transformed that into a season where he swiped 13 bases and blasted a career-high 21 home homers. If you’re Atlanta, he’s absolutely someone to think about since he plays fairly good defence.

After being released by the Rockies, Profar posted a.776 OPS in 14 games with the Padres, capping an impressive season for the Colorado native. The Braves should respect his ability to play practically every position as a switch hitter.

It’s time to reenact this classic song and dance. Brantley may just hang up his bat if the Astros win another World Series because he isn’t the same player he once was. Still, he defies ageing, as seen by his.724 OPS from the previous season and his potential as a lefty substitute.

Another player who is maturing like a good wine is The Outlaw, as Kiermaier continued to play excellent defence for the Blue Jays in 2023, posting a.741 OPS. At the appropriate price, he wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Mario Soler, OF — Miami Marlins

Although Soler is still under contract with the Marlins, he has the option to exercise it and go for a larger deal after recording an.853 OPS and hitting 36 home runs. Soler is one of my top targets if I’m the Braves and he hits the market and there’s a slot available.

Chicago Cubs OF Cody Bellinger

Another intriguing name is Bellinger. Given his productivity spike, there is some risk involved, but he just had a fantastic comeback year. But the Braves would have to be intrigued by a player who could hit as effectively as Bellinger did in 2023. In this lineup, he would pose a serious threat as a lefty.

San Diego Padres OF Juan Soto

To retain Soto in San Diego, I would wager that the Padres ink him to a big extension. That hasn’t happened as of yet, therefore I will speak about him. Soto has unmatched plate discipline and is among baseball’s top pure hitters. We are discussing a man who has a career.421 percent on a base. He turns 25 next week, he blasted 35 home runs in 2023, and he’s buddy-buddy with Ronald Acuña Jr. He would improve this Braves lineup considerably, thus I would give him anything he asked for.

OF Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani

Despite what the betting odds would have you believe, I don’t think the

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