Arthur Smith offers some insightful remarks regarding Falcons deal.


Arthur Smith brings a dynamic element to the offence that has been lacking—a deep threat—ahead of their Week 6 matchup in Atlanta. Now, Van Jefferson is here to take over for Scotty Miller, who was supposed to fill that function.

He will not About three weeks before the NFL trade deadline, the Falcons struck a deal with the Rams to pick up Van Jefferson for little supplemental pick compensation. only provide the Falcons offence a vertical threat, but he will also give Drake London and Kyle Pitts more options for middle and intermediate routes.


It’s a low-cost and maybe high-reward situation for Terry Fontenot without sacrificing anything in return; Smith recognised the win-win situation at hand.

During Wednesday’s media session, Smith also made another statement that some NFL fans may not be aware of, and it’s crucial to comprehend, in my opinion. Arthur Smith praised the Ra

In these situations, there are general managers—regardless of the sport—who are extremely challenging to work with. Les Snead is praised for his unconventional approach to roster construction with the Rams. Although Los Angeles won the Super Bowl as a result, Snead and the Rams were expected to pay the price in 2023.

Nothing is more false than that. With their continued fierce competition, the Rams have a chance to secure a Wild Card berth. It is evidence of Snead and Sean McVay’s abilities. I assume that general managers who excel in their positions are not inherently challenging to work with, as Terry Fontenot also appears to be.


ms and their front office for being a pleasure to work with as trade partners, pointing out that not all of them are.


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