Atlanta vs Houston; How Falcons rallied to beat Texans”

On Sunday, October 8, 2023, in Atlanta, place-kicker Younghoe Koo of the Atlanta Falcons makes the game-winning field goal against the Houston Texans. Mike Stewart/AP Photo

How Houston’s Sunday 21-19 loss to Atlanta unfolded:

Houston 19, Atlanta 21
On the final play, Younghoe Koo converted a 37-yard field goal to give the Falcons the victory. In the final 1:49, Atlanta covered 56 yards in 10 plays to set up the field goal. Reid Layman

Atlanta 18; Houston 19
With 1:49 remaining, a touchdown pass of 18 yards from C.J. Stroud to Dalton Schulz gave the Texans offense, which had been quiet in the second half, the lead. Reid Layman

Houston 12, Atlanta 18
When Atlanta was ultimately stopped in the end zone by the Texans defense, the Falcons were forced to settle for a 33-yard field goal by Younghoe Koo with 6:57 left to play. Reid Layman

Houston 12, Atlanta 15
The Falcons gained their first lead and score since the beginning of the first quarter when Bijan Robinson, who is well-known in Austin, scored on a 6-yard shuttle throw and the 2-point attempt was successful. The Falcons covered 74 yards in 13 plays and converted third downs on 3 out of 3 attempts. Reid Layman

Exclusion of Tank Dell

Tank Dell, a wide receiver for the Texans, has been declared ineligible following a concussion assessment. Brooks Kubena

Atlanta 7, Houston 12 in the third quarter.
The Texans had numerous opportunities to score but were once again unsuccessful and were limited to a Ka’imi Fairbairn field goal. Tank Dell and Rober Woods, two receivers, also succumbed to harm.

Houston forced two turnovers, gaining 10 yards and three points from each while doing so. Reid Layman

Robert Woods, a wide receiver with the Texans, is another WR out and his comeback is uncertain due to a rib injury. Tank Dell is also sidelined due to what may be a concussion. Brooks Kubena

Houston defeats Atlanta 12–7
Bijan Robinson’s fumble was forced by Khalil Davis, giving the Texans a first down at the Atlanta 30. Houston only gained four yards, however, and was forced to settle for a fourth Ka’imi field goal. Reid Layman

Houston 9, Atlanta 7 at the break
The Texans occasionally acted more like the AFC South team tied for last than the one tied for first. The Falcons didn’t perform much better. C.J. Stroud and Desmond Ridder, two rookie quarterbacks, both displayed moments of brilliance but also suffered from errors in judgment and dropped passes. Both teams committed untimely penalties. Houston won thanks to a drive in the last two minutes.


C.J. Stroud completed 22 passes for 173 yards without making an error. — Reid Laymance

hurt Tank Dell
Tank Concussion testing is currently being done on Dell. He stumbled after a catch on the last drive of the half and is now making his way to the locker room. Brooks Kubena

Houston 6, Atlanta 7
Nate Dell lost five on a reverse after a first down at the Falcons’ 25, and the Texans were forced to settle for another field goal. Ka’imi Fairbairn’s 43-yard field goal this time. Reid Layman

C.J. Stroud passed for 173 yards on 22 tries without an interception, which is a significant statistic. — Reid Laymance

Dell Tank is hurt.
Tank For a concussion, Dell is currently being examined. After a catch on the last drive of the half, he fell awkwardly and is now walking to the locker room. — Brooks Kuben

Atlanta 7, Houston 6, etc.
Nate Dell lost five on a reverse following a first down at the 25-yard line for the Falcons, and the Texans were forced to settle for another field goal. Ka’imi Fairbairn’s shot from 43 yards this time. Reed Laymance

On their second drive, the Falcons appeared to have it much easier as they covered 75 yards in seven plays to take the lead thanks to a 7-yard run by quarterback Desmond Ridder. The key pass was a flea-flicker from tight end Jonnu Smith to receiver Drake London that traveled 22 yards. Reid Layman

Atlanta 0, Houston 3,
On fourth-and-one from the Falcons 19 DeMeco Ryans, who had frequently taken the risk on fourth down this season, chose to play it safe. Ka’imi Fairbairn then converted a 38-yard field goal. Reid Layman

Texans CB inactive Griffin Shaq
Thomas Nickel Tavierre

OL LB Josh Jones LB Garret Wallow The RB Christian Harris Case of QB Dare Ogunbowale Keenum

Falcons 17, 24, Texans 24: I predicted the Texans to win this game before the season began, and I’m going to stay with that prediction. The Texans usually prey on young,

They continue to play inexperienced quarterbacks this Sunday in Desmond Ridder. They can win this game if they can contain rookie running back Bijan Robinson, which won’t be simple. John M. Alexander

It might be time to start putting more faith in DeMeco Ryan’s defense after the Texans defeated the Falcons 20–13. The Falcons can run the ball, but if C.J. Stroud keeps playing well, they won’t be able to score enough points to keep up with the opposition with their meager passing attack. Jerrome Solomon

Texans 24, Falcons 20: Thanks to his strongest offensive line rotation to date, C.J. Stroud can extend his record-breaking start, mostly because the line should improve the run game. Bijan Robinson will gain his yards, but Desmond Ridder, who has been sacked 11 times in the past two games, could be under pressure from a Texans front. Brooks Kubena

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