Don Deal ;Birmingham City proposed New Deal has been sealed very huge

The proposed new cost limitations, according to EFL commissioner Rick Parry, have put Birmingham City and their Championship competitors in a “horrendous position.”

A proposal that will see Championship, League One, and League Two clubs earn a larger portion of the top flight’s wealth is currently being discussed by the Premier League and the EFL. According to reports, the ‘New Deal’ may increase funding for EFL teams by more than £900 million.

The New Deal contains cost restraints, a domestic calendar, and a new financial arrangement. According to reports, Premier League clubs want to see more EFL Trophy games to give their under-21 teams more competitive playing time.

The Premier League’s proposed cost limitations are reported to worry EFL clubs the most. In particular, a plan that would permit clubs that have been demoted from the Premier League—who will continue to receive parachute payments—to devote 85% of their revenue to squad spending. In order to encourage sustainability within its clubs prior to the establishment of an independent regulator, the EFL would like a far lower amount.

At the ‘Power of Football’ event at the Conservative Party Conference, EFL chairman Parry remarked, “It’s not exaggerating to say that the dilemma facing Championships clubs is that they pretty much have to decide whether they want to be sustainable or competitive.” “The two are almost completely incompatible, which is a terrible situation to be in.

Blues is one of the Championship teams that have recently been forced to make financial sacrifices. At the conclusion of the previous season, Blues sold several of their top earners and added 13 new players this summer.

It will be challenging to convince the 14 Premier League clubs to back those at the bottom and vote for significant reform, Parry continued. The nature of the game causes them to occasionally forget where they’ve been and, more simply, where they’re likely to return to shortly.

“No one wants excessive interference. Nobody wants to undermine the Premier League; the goal is to make clubs financially viable, not to drive them out of business.


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