The Blackburn manager lauds the “great Forward Super Star”

As Ireland’s Andrew Moran helped Blackburn Rovers thrash Cardiff 5-2 in the third round of the Carabao Cup on Wednesday, Blackburn boss Jon Dahl Tomasson showered the teenager with praise.

Prior to last night’s events, Moran had made six appearances for his loan team but had not yet scored a goal.

Here is how Moran’s evening unfolded:

Arnor Sigurdsson completed Moran’s attempted cutback in the 36th minute, giving him his first assist. Moran is on loan from Brighton & Hove Albion. Moran would join the action following the break with his first goal in English football. Cardiff’s poor defense made it possible for the Irish star to make it 2-1.

With a spectacular long-range shot from outside the penalty area, Moran would score once more. The fifth and last goal in their 5-2 victory was then assisted by him, going to Dilan Markanday

After the game, Blackburn manager Tomasson remarked of Moran, “First of all, he’s a tremendous player. He can assist in goals and score goals.

He is bright, has excellent ball skills, and can carry the ball and play one or two touches. He gives his all to the team.

“A young lad or guy who also has a lot of drive. He has a lot of ambition and wants to improve. As a result, we are really happy with Andy.

The Irish kid, like his Brighton teammate Evan Ferguson, is highly regarded in his native country and is expected to become a future star. We’ll have to wait and watch if he soon receives a senior Ireland call-up.

The following day, Blackburn will play Leicester City.

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