JUST IN; Bolton Legend Reveal his Chat with John McGinlay ….

Owen Coyle has recalled being left out of the 1995 League Cup final against Liverpool – and revealed that a conversation with John McGinlay helped get his Bolton career back on track.

Despite appearing for the Whites in the earlier stages, Coyle didn’t make Bruce Rioch’s team for the Wembley final; instead, new acquisition Gudni Bergsson received the nod.

Before the much awaited match, Colin Todd gave the Scot the bad news, which he acknowledges was difficult to take.

Nevertheless, McGinlay persuaded Coyle to “put on a brave face” and back his teammates as Wanderers narrowly lost despite an incredible goal from Alan Thompson.

Fore Four 2 Podcast: “I stormed off and kicked a ball as high as I could,” said Coyle. “I went to the shower, and when I got out, I thought, ‘I’m not going to the final.

John had just returned to the room at that point. When he inquired how I was doing, I said, “It’s completely out of order.” I’m considering skipping the game.

“But he asserted, ‘You wouldn’t do it. At the end of the day, the team wasn’t chosen by the boys. He was entirely correct.

We were close friends, and he was a cunning manipulator. He was aware of how much I loved the boys. I made the decision to dress in a suit and tie, smile, and be there for the lads.

“I confided in him, but I put on a strong face around the others. Tommo scored a miraculous goal, but the boys fell 2-1 because Steve McManaman was unplayable.

Coyle eventually won back his starting spot and was crucial in the season-ending play-off match against Reading.

The forward claims that the famous 4-3 victory for the Whites, which he assisted on, was one of the high points of his playing career.

I joined the team and started every game up until the play-off final from that point on. “Playing at Wembley and coming from 2-0 down was probably one of the best days I ever had as a player,” he concluded.

“My childhood desire was to score at Wembley. Therefore, sometimes you need that mental toughness to move forward, and that is what we must all do.





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