After a successful trial, the former England winger had agreed to terms, but the Clarets retracted their offer.

Andros Townsend claims that when a free transfer to  fell through over the summer, he sobbed uncontrollably.

After a successful trial, the former England winger had agreed to terms, but the Clarets retracted the offer because they didn’t want to stunt the growth of some of its younger players.

After leaving Everton last year, he is still an unsigned free agent.

The 32-year-old stated, “It was definitely one of the hardest discussions I’ve had in my career.

Townsend said in an interview with Radio 5’s Monday Night Club that he had spent the previous month trying to land a contract elsewhere but had been “rejected by so many clubs” both domestically and internationally.

Townsend’s performance while at Burnley was commended by manager Vincent Kompany, but a successful summer in the transfer market that saw players like Luca Koleosho, 22, and Zeki Amdouni, 19, move to Turf Moor, forced a change of heart.

“If I was unreliable and knew I wouldn’t land a job, I could get ready. But when I was looking at homes, considering schools, and discussing squad sizes, hearing that the contract was no longer available rocked my world, said Townsend.

“I argued my argument and made my point. That I stand out from the competition, that I enjoy being a team player, and that I get along well with my teammates even when I’m not on the field.

“But now that I’ve seen Burnley’s first five games, I get it,” They have added these young players in Luca Koleosho and Zeki Amdouni. I unwillingly understand why he (Kompany) made the decision not to obstruct their pathway by signing a 32-year-old because Burnley is a team that likes sellable assets.

“I spent the entire deadline day in Turkey.”
Townsend came to London after leaving Burnley and has been working out with Tottenham’s under-18 team to stay in shape while looking for a new club.

“I spent the entire deadline day in Turkey. ‘100% I’ve got this deal,’ claimed one representative. I waited throughout the entire deadline day, but nothing happened. People giving me false hope has been my month, he added.

“An unidentified representative claimed that the president of a team in Saudi Arabia’s third tier was desperate to sign me. I thought about it over night and woke up eager to play football.

Since it was Saudi deadline day, I contacted hi

The former Newcastle player thinks certain clubs are deterred by his 18-month absence due to an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury sustained while playing for Everton in March 2022.

Because of my age and the fact that I haven’t participated in a competitive game in 18 months, English teams are unwilling to take that chance, he explained.

“I searched abroad and believed that teams would be clamoring to recruit a player with my experience, but it was the same again—a lack of playing time.

“The ACL is a very complex injury, and the concern is that athletes who sustain it later in their careers may never fully recover to their prior selves.

m the following morning, and he agreed to set up a meeting. The president eventually informed me that no players would be arriving, and the deadline had past.

Additionally, managers don’t want a player on trial during the regular season because it suggests that they don’t believe in their current team. If the next few weeks’ results don’t go their way, that could change.


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