Vincent Kompany’s remarks on his “special achievement” encapsulate the club’s new standing.

Vincent Kompany, the manager of Burnley, gave his team a motivational speech prior to their journey to St. James’ Park.

Before the team’s travel to St. James’ Park, Vincent Kompany encouraged his Burnley teammates by assuring them that if they defeat Newcastle United, they will accomplish something amazing.

In a reflection of how other Premier League teams today perceive Eddie Howe’s team, Kompany discussed the magnitude of the challenge his team faces this weekend while playing the Magpies. Additionally, he said that attending sporting events at venues like St. James’ Park is “what you are in the game for.”

As a player, the legendary Manchester City player visited Tyneside frequently. His Clarets team is currently in last place after earning just one point through their first five games, despite the fact that he managed Burnley to return to the Premier League last season.

Kompany said in a statement prior to this weekend’s trip to Newcastle: “That is what you are in the game for (to play games like this one on Saturday at St James’ Park).” Every opponent offers a tiny window of opportunity for you to stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Because of their threats and weapons, it is difficult to forecast, yet there is potential for a successful performance and outcome. Few away stadiums are as challenging as St. James’ Park.

The two teams will meet for the first time since Newcastle‘s 2-1 victory at Turf Moor in May 2022, which forced the Clarets to be demoted from the Premier League. Since then, both teams have seen better times. Howe led the Magpies to a fourth-place finish and a return to the Champions League, while Kompany capably led Burnley back into the top division.

Since the parties’ previous meeting, “so much has happened,” Kompany continued. “It seems like yesterday. How much further can the club travel? The intriguing part is that. If we succeed this year, we will be on a path where we will struggle less in the future. The timing of the coming of the points is unknown to you.



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