Revealed: The amount of Cardiff City supporters arrested in 2022/23

FLW takes a look at how many Cardiff City supporters were arrested in the previous season…

  •  Cardiff City had a troubled season in the 2022/23 Championship campaign, both on and off the pitch, with 17 fan arrests.
  •  This is a slight increase from the previous season’s 13 arrests, but overall, Cardiff fans have been getting into trouble less in recent years.
  •  Swansea City had more fan arrests than Cardiff last season, with 21 arrests, but the overall comparison between the clubs over time shows Cardiff with 205 arrests and Swansea with 89 arrests.
  • The 2022/23 Championship campaign was underlined by trouble for Cardiff City.

    Rare optimism was generated in the Welsh capital after the Bluebirds had tussled with the sincere and very much catastrophic threat of relegation the season prior, with Steve Morison making up to 17 signings in his first and only summer at the helm.

    That didn’t go to plan, mind, and the Bluebirds finished the season thankful to be a Championship team.

    Nowadays, Cardiff look much better.

    The fresh tuition of Erol Bulut has struck a real chord with supporters who’ve felt a stern managerial disconnect ever since the days of promotion kingpin Neil Warnock, and the club’s seeming upwards mobility has brought the feel-good factor back to the Cardiff City Stadium.

    But, looking back at the previous season now and Cardiff weren’t only involved with trouble on the pitch.

    In what will no doubt spark debate with fans up and down the country, the Home Office have revealed the figures pertaining to the arrests of supporters across last season – and we’ve decided to take a look at Cardiff’s figures here…

  • How many Cardiff City supporters were arrested during the 2022-23 Championship season?


    These figures state that Cardiff fans were arrested on 17 occasions across the course of the campaign.

    Cardiff rank 42nd for football-related arrests, and as such, they’re placed right in the middle of the pack as all 92 clubs in the Football League are accounted for here.

    How many Cardiff fans have been arrested in previous years?

    It’s a slight increase on the findings from the 2021-22 season, which calculated 13 arrests.

    But overall, Cardiff fans have been getting into trouble less for the most part in recent years.

    Since the Home Office first began releasing the statistics into the public domain from the 2014-15 season onwards, they’ve accumulated 205 arrests.

    A staggering 56 of them came in that first campaign of data being published online – a number that ranked among the highest in the country at that point – while problems were still at large when 44 arrests were recorded the following term.

    Although it must be stressed that the situation has considerably improved from there on in; that figure dropped significantly to 25 across 2016/17, to 24 in Cardiff’s 2017-18 promotion-winning triumph and then consecutively down by just one to 23 when they were subsequently competing in the Premier League between 2018 and 2019.

    That number did elevate ever so slightly in the 2019/20 season up to 25, but it then went down to 18.

    To finish off the overview spanning nearly a decade now, Cardiff’s arrest figures reached a positive low as just 13 were made in 2021/22.

    Following that, then, supporters will also be keen to find out just how much trouble bitter rivals Swansea City have been getting into – let’s find out.

    Cardiff won’t be locking horns with the club who had the most football-related arrests in the entire country for this season at least, as it’s West Ham United with 89.

    Manchester United tallied in second by accumulating 83, but the next club is more relevant to the Bluebirds.

    This is because it’s Leeds United with 69, which likely won’t come as too much of a surprise given the reputation that certain fans have for violence and disorder at matches over the years.

    There’s always been a bit of an edge on and away from the field in previous meetings between Cardiff and Leeds too, so it’s not out of the question that both teams’ totals in a year’s time could contain arrests from the two showdowns that will have been contested.

    They even met on the opening weekend of the current Championship campaign in a dramatic 2-2 draw at Elland Road, and police will doubtlessly be on red alert for January’s clash in Cardiff.

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