Chargers News: After the bye week, experts agree on LA’s key areas to address”

What the Chargers need to change is a known fact.

This season, the Los Angeles Chargers have an early bye week, and it’s debatable whether this respite is beneficial or detrimental. It’s safe to argue that the timing could be advantageous given the ailments the squad is currently experiencing.

They are at 2-2, which is a marked improvement from their shaky start in the first two games. The Chargers are a long way from being perfect, but they’re motivated to keep getting better as the season goes on.

The defense has been a recurring source of conversation on one facet of their performance. There still needs to be a lot of work done to solve the defense’s apparent failure to live up to expectations.

These professionals singled out the defensive secondary as needing the most development.


Miller:┬áThe pass defense must improve or the Chargers aren’t going anywhere this season. They have displayed an ability to stop the run, which is significant.

Reedy:┬áPass defense and limiting big plays. I don’t know if there will be any stability now that J.C. Jackson has been traded, but the pressure is definitely on Asante Samuel, Jr. and Michael Davis.

Smith: The pass defense, I guess. Although Miami put a lot of pressure on that part of the defense, credit must go to the explosive Dolphins. When playing the Raiders, who had two pass plays of 20 yards or more, one of which was a check down, there were improvements in reducing explosive plays. Given the future quarterbacks, a more reliable pass defense would help Justin Herbert have more opportunities to put up big numbers each week.The stats certainly back up this assessment. The Chargers currently rank 18th in opponent completion percentage, 30th in opponent yards per pass, 28th in opponent passes per play, and dead last, 32nd, in opponent pass yards per game. It’s an area of concern that the team needs to address promptly.

With the bye week providing some time for adjustments and healing, the secondary will face a significant test in the upcoming weeks. Going up against the likes of the Dallas Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs will put their improvements to the test. Chargers fans are hoping for a much-improved performance in the coming games, especially in the realm of pass defense.

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