In accordance with the CAST charter, we are accepting nominations for the board of directors. This serves as a reminder that the completed nomination deadline is Monday, October 16.

All CAST members who have paid their dues are eligible to run for board positions, and we encourage all members to do so.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q: What qualities, skills or qualifications do I need to be a board member?

A:  Of course we welcome people with particular skills and experience – for example digital marketing. However, by far the most important thing is that you love Charlton Athletic and you are prepared to put a bit of thought, time and energy into ensuring that the voice of supporters is heard within the club.

Q: How much time is needed?

A: Approximately two hours every week on average. It would be OK if you thought you could spare an hour or two per week. If you already feel overburdened by all of your existing tasks, it probably isn’t for you because occasionally it can take additional time, without much warning, to complete your obligations.

What does it entail?

A: It entails working together with other board members to support or promote initiatives, plan events, or come up with opinions and responses. It also involves attending meetings as a representative of CAST, possibly writing for our website, and occasionally manning our stall before home games to welcome new members and promote CAST. We connect frequently via email and WhatsApp, and we hold monthly board meetings (via Zoom).

Do I have to stick to a certain path?

A: No. All Charlton fans are invited to join CAST, and we encourage a range of viewpoints. We conduct membership surveys at least twice a year to be informed of their opinions. We occasionally must treat information as confidential, and each board member agrees to abide by a code of behavior.

What steps are involved in joining the board?

A nomination form must be filled out and backed by two current CAST members if you are interested. There will be a competitive ballot of members if there are more nominees than there are openings on the board. The AGM in November will make the decision public.

Those who want to run for office must:

being a fully paid-up CAS Trust member

Names of two members to support their nomination should be provided.

Create a brief essay (between 100 and 500 words) in favor of their nomination.

Send an email to if you’re interested in joining the board, and we’ll send you a nomination form. Please include a contact number if you’d want to speak with a current board member informally before making a decision. We’ll get back to you.

The deadline for nominations is October 16, 2023.

Sam White, who recently joined the board, says:

“CAST always has at least three projects in the works, and there are plenty of opportunities to get engaged and dive right in, from social media management to fan engagement programs, government advisory to football business/general practice training. Being able to have a role in how the trust conducts its business and how we can represent other demographics—younger fans than initially, but also a wider fan base—has empowered me more than I had anticipated.






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