I Was Amazed; Jordan Love SMOKES the Chicago Bears.

No issue without Aaron Rodgers.John Hoge
Well, that was worse than the worst-case scenario. In every aspect of that football game, the Bears were completely outcoached and outplayed. Leave the “it’s only Week 1” nonsense for later.

Since Aaron Rodgers is no longer playing, there is simply no justification for being so humiliated by your competitor. After that performance, you may doubt ANYTHING.

On Sunday at Soldier Field, Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers continued where No. 12 left off, winning 38-20.

Here are our quick thoughts on the enormous catastrophe on the lakefront:

John Carman
It would have been difficult to write a worse nightmare for opening week. Jordan Love had all the time in the world to pick apart a Bears defense that was unable to contain a subpar, at best, receiving group without Christian Watson as Green Bay once again crushed the Bears on third down. The Bears were 7 miles outcoached and outplayed. Luke Getsy needs to explain his at best baffling play-calling, which included a planned run in the fourth quarter with the Bears trailing 31-14. Whatever hope the Bears had for the season has vanished in a single week.

DeWitt Will
What a miserable performance from this group. It had a horrible beginning, and as the game went on, it just grew worse. You’ll have a hard time finding a bright side to this one. Despite all the alleged “improvement” that took place during the offseason, the Bears team still appears to be the same. No offense intended. weak defense. Both sides of the ball were given meek play calls. If they truly want to compete in the division, they have a lot to consider. So much for ending this rivalry’s chapter.

Stephen Moreano
The Bears had a great chance to alter the course of their long-running rivalry with the Packers. Hope was lost when Aaron Rodgers left. Instead, in their home debut in 2023, the Bears were humiliated. The attack did not make use of its new tools. By letting tight ends, running backs, and receivers to move about freely in the open field, the defense allowed big plays to be scored. A total and utter failure to begin the season.


John Greg Braggs Jr.
Well, as I have stated in the days coming up to the game, the Bears SHOULD prevail. Which implied that the Chicago was under some pressure to do so. They certainly didn’t take the pressure well, man. dominated in each of the three areas. A penalty on the kickoff was the first play of the game. Due to two failed sneak attempts, the opening drive of the game concluded with a loss of downs. a portent of future events.

Only a few downfield throws that were not caught in the first half saved the defense, which was a leaky faucet otherwise. delivering Jordan Love backbreaking third down conversions on a regular basis. The offense called 15 more unsuccessful screens after a successful screen to Herbert to start the game. The offensive line struggled with blocking, and Braxton Jones committed numerous penalties. Rarely did they throw downfield.

Why is the key question here. People wonder if it’s because Luke Getsy doesn’t have faith in Fields to interpret the field correctly. But what’s up with the play calling if he does? It was a dreadful day for Luke Getsy. On the defensive side, Alan Williams and Matt Eberflus were both out-coached. Whatever his position as CEO, Eberflus is responsible for this. He was completely outcoached today by Matt Lafleur. Lafleur was making plays while inside his bag.

Everyone on the Bears sidelines gave a terrible display. Furthermore, I don’t want to be told that “it’s just one game.” This game was a huge letdown in a long line of disappointments on the lakefront because it meant so much more to everyone. They are impossible to rate. They were all bad. But this one ranks high. On Meatball Island, I’ll be drinking myself to sleep, thank you very much. Until tomorrow, good night.

John Kaduk
It’s difficult to imagine a worse way to begin the season. The Packers side completely and utterly outperformed the Bears, from Jodan Love’s big plays on third down to Justin Fields’ pick-six. The Packers were the club that many predicted the Bears would defeat. The same as always. The only difference was the quarterback, but how many Packers supporters are still mourning Aaron Rodgers today?

CHGO chief of content Kevin Kaduk. Making it enjoyable to be a Chicago sports fan while leading a fantastic team in the city I adore.

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