REALLY; The manager of Coventry City is the latest to compliment Blackburn Rovers.


Despite a 1-0 loss to Coventry City, Mark Robins has become the latest manager to compliment Blackburn Rovers’ style of play.

Jon Dahl Tomasson’s team has lost their last four league games, and each time, the opposition manager has stepped out and unpromptedly praised Rovers.

Tony Mowbray and Enzo Maresca both believed Rovers were their best opponent this season. Kieran McKenna of Ipswich Town compared them to Leeds United under Marcelo Bielsa, and now Robins claims Blackburn are the best team they’ve faced at the CBS Arena.

Despite his praise, the Coventry manager felt his side deserved to win, with Haji Wright’s late header proving decisive. “Yeah, I think so,” Robins said when asked if Coventry deserved to win. “I think they’re the best team in possession that we’ve played this season here.”

“I like how they play.” They are extremely skilled and courageous in possession. We began out fairly brightly, looking like we had a lot of energy and were going after them.

“We looked like we could create something and we were moving the ball OK but then in the second period of the first half they controlled it.”


“We did better in the second half when we hit the bar three times,” he stated. “And the third time was the Yasin Ayari shot after he demonstrated great movement and great feet.”

“I think Haji’s goal was a really good goal that he directed well with his head, and we deserved it.” But we had to stay in the game and make sure we didn’t concede a goal, which was very satisfying.

“We scored in the 85th minute and hung on for the final 10-15 minutes.” We probably played eight overs, or 13 minutes, so we were relieved to see it out, especially against such a good squad.”

Midway through the second half, Andrew Moran’s goal was ruled off due to a foul on goalie Ben Wilson. Referee Jeremy Wilson gave the goal at first but then consulted with his linesman and ruled it out.

Tomasson thought the situation was’strange,’ but hadn’t seen a replay of the incident to know if the proper judgment was taken. Robins thought it was a foul, but Wilson was fortunate that the ruling was reversed.

“Ben had the ball in both hands and the player has kicked it out of his hands, there’s no doubt about it,” stated the manager of Coventry.

“However, I would like Ben to take the kick (from the opponent) rather than roll out of the way and drop the ball.” That’s the only critique I have for him, and I hate doing it because he’s been amazing for us.

“But that’s one area where he can do that and ask the questions afterwards, so that was a bit too easy and if that goal had stood, because it looked like the referee was going to give it for a minute or so, that would have been really hard to take.”




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