There is no doubt that the 2023 Patriots are bad.

Just in case there were any skeptics out there, this team is terrible.

I’ll be returning the following day with my Fan Notes for the masochists among us. This evening, though, I also need to take a time to make sure that everyone is aware of just how awful the 2023 Patriots team is.

The season is gone at 1-4. There is always a chance that they will succeed, but the likelihood of that is improbable. The more sensible course of action is to admit that the Patriots team of 2023 will be a complete failure and to lower your expectations in line with this reality.

Let’s put things in perspective, shall we?

Over two games, this club has given up 69 unanswered points.
33 possessions have passed by without a touchdown being scored by this club.
New England currently has the worst pass protection.

The last three seasons, they have now allowed four pick-sixes at home. Over the course of 17 seasons, Tom Brady handed surrendered 4.
Since 2020, the Patriots have dropped 25 less home games without Brady at the helm than they did during his entire time with the team.
Additionally, we recently witnessed Onwenu, Pop Douglas, Juju, Peppers, and Bentley fail to complete this most recent embarrassing game. The Patriots just suffered back-to-back defeats, the worst of Bill Belichick’s coaching career in which the squad that won the game left the field worse than it had entered. There isn’t any cavalry on the way, and this team is just objectively poor.

There is only one direction left, in my opinion, and that is down. It’s

All we can do is sit here and watch it all unfold because things are going to become significantly worse before they get better.

All of you buckle up. The trip is on us all.

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