777 Partners will takeover Everton and deal with everything

Dr. Daniel Plumley, a specialist in football finance, is a welcome addition to our exclusive writer lineup. He will provide his thoughts on the most important topics at Everton each week.

Asworks to complete their takeover of Everton, Dan Plumley has insisted that everything would be scrutinized.

There were fresh concerns regarding the deal after a late £900,000 payment to the British Basketball League this summer, with the money paid one month after it was scheduled [Daily Mail].

The finance expert admitted that all of this will be looked at and will affect the time frame of the takeover, with other investments also being looked at.

“It’s something that 777 will need to deal with throughout the takeover and the agreement,” he exclusively told Goodison News.

“The process of this from an agreement stage to a fully rectified takeover, all of those things come into play in terms of the due diligence and background checks, and crucially the owners and directors test.

It’s not something they can avoid, they will look at the numbers behind it and how that works with the bigger picture of what is a hundred multi-million pound takeover.

Crucially, it will be looked at against the owners and director tests, so there are a lot of steps still to clear, and although the agreement has been signed, there is still a long way to go.”

In other Everton news, new Bramley Moore Dock concerns could lead to added costs for the Toffees

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