Despite his father’s Dead earlier this week, he is Ready to Face England- Fijian coach

Despite his father’s passing earlier this week, Fijian coach Simon Raiwalui is optimistic that hooker Sam Matavesi will be prepared to play against England on Sunday.

Row of Northampton Saints Only on Thursday did Matavesi return to camp after paying his respects at his father Sireli’s funeral in Cornwall.

As the islanders attempt to secure a trip to the semifinals, he has been selected on the bench for Fiji’s Rugby World Cup quarterfinal match this coming weekend in Marseille.

assured he will be alright
Simon Raiwalui, the head coach of Fiji, is certain that his hooker is prepared for the match after starting him in the Sunday match against Stade de Marseille.

The loss of Sam Matavesi’s father throughout the week was a setback for us. He returned this morning. He stated, “He was adamant that he wanted to be here.”

There are no concerns there because he is an amazing young man who pays close attention to detail. He only needs time to grieve, but I’m sure he’ll be prepared to play.

Raiwalui hopes that Fiji’s run continues, and they will have plenty of backing from the neutrals this weekend after defeating England at Twickenham in a warm-up match.

It’s enormous for our nation. Before the pivotal match, he declared, “We came to this tournament to succeed. We made it through the first round and we want to continue.”

“Rugby is our passion and our nation’s home to 900,000 people; I’m not sure how many Fijians there are in the world.

“The French and the civilians who come to the ground gave us a lot of support. Our goal is to enjoy the moment and play our best rugby possible.

Taking down obstacles
“I’m proud to be a Fijian first and foremost, but I’m also proud of the so-called developing nations, pushing for the global game, how we can improve it and get more opportunities, how we break that barrier down,” he continued.

“This World Cup has been an incredible demonstration of other teams entering the game, playing outstanding rugby, and entertaining the world with a show.” We want to embrace our heritage because we are proud of it.

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