Fulham Super Star Could Replace Arsenal Number One, Critical For The Manager suggesting that goalkeepers could be subbed

Aaron Ramsdale has lost his position as Arsenal’s starting goalkeeper Bernd Leno compares Aaron Ramsdale’s decline in the Gunners hierarchy to his own.
Criticism of Mikel Arteta’s suggestion to replace goalkeepers


Ramsdale had a standout 2022–23 season, earning a spot in the PFA Premier League Team of the Year, however in the summer, Arsenal signed David Raya from Brentford for a temporary loan.

Ramsdale started out in the starting lineup but was benched following the international break. He has now been on the bench for the previous two matches in the Premier League and Champions League against Everton and PSV Eindhoven, respectively. In the North London Derby on Sunday, Raya made another start.Ramsdale replaced Leno in comparable circumstances two years ago, and now Leno has expressed sympathy for his old Gunners teammate.

There were a few justifications that I didn’t understand, and I must admit that Ramsdale is mostly the same. In the wake of the international break, it has occurred [again]. There are certainly parallels between how I feel and how [Aaron] feels, Leno told The Times.

Arteta has gained a reputation for striving to offer novel perspectives on various circumstances over his brief leadership career to date. In the past, he’s wanted to rename subs as “impactors” to boost the spirits of players who weren’t selected for the starting XI.

Last week, Arteta discussed the potential for substituting a goalkeeper when necessary due to game-related events or tactical considerations.

Leno vehemently rejects the notion: “Our position is too passive. Because you can get on the ball as a winger, you can affect the game in a way that a goalkeeper typically cannot


“I’ve only ever had to make a replacement once in my career, and that was when Petr Cech got hurt. I was fortunate that it happened at halftime, but it’s really difficult to get into the game if you come on at minute 60 and you’ve been sitting on the bench. I’m curious to see if Arteta will say that during a game or if he simply stated it, but I doubt many managers will.

“I believe that goalkeeper is a special position that deserves special treatment. You need consistency, after all. As an illustration, when I first joined Arsenal, Cech was competing in the Europa League and cup competitions, while I was playing in the Premier League.

the defenders, who stated that having multiple keepers and varying qualities makes them uncomfortable.

Leno continued, “The idea that a manager might choose a goalie for a specific game depending on whether they expect to have a lot of possession or face a lot of crosses is superseded by the requirement to develop a “connection” between defenders and a regular goalkeeper.

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