A message to supporters

Prior to today’s game versus Gillingham, Walsall Football Club issued the following statement about racism and discrimination:

We at Walsall Football Club think that football is a game for all people, and we appreciate the friendly environment you help to create at the Poundland Bescot Stadium on game days.

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of reports of prejudice in the game every season, and there are probably many more that are not reported.

We are asking you, our supporters, to make a difference and report any instances of racism or prejudice you see or hear in the stadium today and at all future games as part of the EFL’s Together Against Racism campaign.

By making reports of prejudice, we can track down abusers, ensure that victims receive the care they require, and make football stadiums a safer place for everyone to watch games.

Walsall Football Club and all of football are united in their opposition to racism and all other forms of prejudice.

Enjoy the contest.

Please immediately report any instances of discrimination you witness during the game using our text service, which is described below:

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