New bar and restaurant open in Gillingham old bank

I’m constantly searching for a great burger, and fortunately Kent has an abundance of options. Of course, chains like Five Guys and GBK offer delectable options, but I’ve always believed that independent businesses are the best option.

Let’s just say that I was drawn in when I noticed that the previous Barclays location in Rainham, my former city, had been converted into a new bar and burger restaurant. The Greedy Banker, located in Barclays’ place, was created by the same team behind the well-liked Dead Pigeon micropub in Rochester. It will open at the end of 2022 and include Medway’s largest tap wall along with a distinctive menu of burgers.

It’s unfortunate that my relocation from the Medway towns coincided with The Greedy Banker’s opening, so it’s taken me far longer than I had intended to give it a shot. During a recent visit to Rainham, I set out to discover the reason for the hype surrounding this highly regarded eatery, which boasts an amazing four-star rating on

The Greedy Banker’s newly released Lunar New Year specials were another reason that made my stomach and eyes water. It seemed like a dinner fit for a king or queen, combining the greatest parts of a Chinese takeaway with delicious burgers.

When I arrived, it was really pretty strange to see the structure that I had known for so long as Barclays completely changed into a busy sports bar. The cash terminals and never-ending lines have long since disappeared, to be replaced by a chic, contemporary pub with a hip, alternative vibe.

There was a genuine energy to the room, with people seated at nearly every table and TVs lining the walls broadcasting the football game. I can’t lie, having gone there on my night off

I quickly glanced over the menu after finding a seat; to access it, simply scan a QR code with your phone. Everything looked absolutely mouthwatering. From traditional chicken and cheese burgers to strange mixtures and creations, cheesesteaks, wings, vegetarian alternatives, and more. There were plenty of options.

For a month, you could essentially come here every night and get something completely new every time. I’m not sure how much doing that would make your waistline love you.

The ‘Enter The Dragon’ special burger, which combines the brand’s unique blend with 28-day dry-aged beef patties, melted cheese, stir-fried vegetables with salt and pepper, and crispy shredded house-made chilli beef on top, was my first choice. Alongside this most devious creation was a hearty portion of skin-on fries, and to wash it down I settled on a pint of Keller Pils.

It didn’t take long for my meal to arrive at the table and, with my stomach well and truly rumbling in anticipation, I got straight to tucking in. This burger being a special for the Lunar New Year could not be more appropriate as the first bite was like a firework of flavour on my tongue.

At the forefront, the tender and juicy beef patties were an absolute standout – a cut above anything you’d find in the big franchise chains. Next, the scrumptious salt and pepper veg that immediately gave that Chinese takeaway twist.

When you combine that with the delicious chilli meat and the oozy melted cheese, this was a burger I won’t soon forget. Not to be overlooked are the fries, which were perfectly cooked—crisp on the exterior and fluffy on the inside—just as the Lord had intended.

The real underdog of the meal, however, had to be the house-made ketchup that came with those fries. I was genuinely surprised by how delicious it tasted, outperforming regular Heinz by a wide margin. The Keller Pils, a silky smooth pint that went well with my meal, finished off the meal well.

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