Lionel Messi reviews about his decision to join Inter Miami and the challenges it presented.

When he chose to join MLS team Inter Miami, Lionel Messi was forced to make a difficult choice.

At the conclusion of the 22–23 season, it was becoming increasingly obvious that Messi’s time with Paris Saint Germain was winding down.It was finally confirmed that Messi had joined MLS team Inter Miami, which is co-owned by former Manchester United and England midfielder  after weeks of strong rumors.

Messi spoke with Argentine comedian Migue Granados last week.

Granados continued by disclosing that Messi’s family had to make the difficult choice to leave their beloved Bordeaux Mastiff, Hulk, behind at their Barcelona residence.

Granados told the Daily Mail: “I asked him where that bull was, and he said, ‘He’s in Barcelona, where Hulk is.'” He is somewhat elderly. Therefore, we were forced to leave him at our Barcelona home.

Hulk was a puppy when Messi uploaded a photo of him in 2016 with the remark, “New member of my family. I appreciate you, love, for this lovely present.

It has been reported that Messi told Granados that Hulk is ‘on the verge’ of needing to be put to sleep.

During his interview with ESPN Argentina, Messi also spoke about his future with Argentina, he said: “I do think about the Copa América [in 2024],” he said. “After the Copa América we will see, it depends on how I feel. I will see how I feel day by day, there are three years to go.

“I don’t notice if my level of play is declining, I stop and play as always. But there is a reality: I’m older, I have a thousand games behind me, and time passes for everyone.”

Messi and Inter Miami will be back in action on Wednesday night as they take on Houston Dynamo in the US Open Cup.

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