Ipswich Town has returned to the Championship in fine fashion after spending the previous four years sulking in League One, and they now appear to be genuine candidates for promotion to the Premier League. Their development can be traced to the 17th of April 2021, when a US-based company called Gamechanger paid forty million pounds to acquire the majority of the club’s shares. Gamechanger is partially owned by entrepreneur Mike O’Leary, 62, who was born and raised in Dublin.

Aside from a sluggish start to the first season, everything has changed since then thanks to wise investments, the hiring of former Manchester United assistant coach Keiran McKenna, and strong hiring practises.

More than two years later, it is important to note the parallels¬†between the Wagner takeover and the Blues. Their goals are essentially the same as Ipswich’s, who recently announced a new multi-million pound investment in training site development and amenities.

The fact that Blues are already in the second division gives them an advantage, but it is encouraging because the two Toms’ strategy is an exact replica of the successful one that was utilised at Portman Road. However, the work has only just begun.Goals are clearly Blues’ biggest concern right now, and if that changes, they should have a more than respectable season.However, it will take time for the Wagner/Brady strategy to bear fruit. Should we wait till Blues have at least a chance of staying up in their first season in the top division or can we really expect this current club to survive in the Premier League? Birmingham City has never been a Premier League powerhouse, but teams like Brighton have demonstrated what can be accomplished with a world-class Head Coach, a clever hiring strategy, and cutting-edge training facilities.Additionally, Blues have a significant advantage over the likes of Brighton, Brentford, and Burnley. a huge potential audience.

Tom Wagner has invested in Blues because he sees their potential.

If all goes according to plan, a lot will change at Blues over the next few years, including the players, perhaps the manager, and perhaps a stadium fit for a top Premier League team, which should eventually allow them to compete for the greatest players.

Ten years from now, things ought to be very different thanks to these American guys, who have more than enough business sense and excitement to bring about the Blues resurgence we have all been hoping for.

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