Ipswich Town’s annual wage bill and top earner right now

FLW examines Ipswich Town’s financial situation for the 2023–24 Championship season.

The Tractor Boys are entering their debut season at Championship level since 2018–19 after winning promotion from League One last year with an incredible 98 points.

Not only that, but the expectations for the club, at least in the long run, are not merely survival. Indeed, Ipswich are a club on an upwards trajectory, with big ambitions and a bright young manager that can help fulfil them. Putting aside on the pitch matters for the moment, though, we thought we’d take a look at a very different aspect of the football club, albeit an important one. We are, of course, talking about the club’s financial matters, namely the salaries that they are currently paid to the current Ipswich Town squad.

Of course, these figures are not made official in football, so to assist us, we have used Capology. Capology collects salary data on a number of sports across the globe and where not official, makes educated estimates, even verifying some of these. In their own words, ‘unverified players are calculated using algorithms, or sourced from reporting that has not been confirmed yet’.

We must clarify, though, that the figures mentioned below are only estimations and should not be treated as official. With that said, let’s get into it!

Based on Capology’s data for Ipswich Town’s 2023–24 Championship season, we can see that the club’s predicted yearly pay spend is £11,378,000, which translates to an average gross salary of £406,357 for an Ipswich Town player.

The above figure also means that Ipswich Town’s estimated wage bill, per week, stands at £218,808. Based off that figure, on average, an Ipswich Town player for the 2023/24 season earns a gross weekly figure of £7,814.

ming from a big Premier League club like Manchester United, it is understandable that Williams’ salary is far in excess of the other Ipswich Town players. It is unclear just how much of that salary Ipswich Town are paying as part of Williams’ loan agreement, too. With that said, the club’s highest earner on the books permanently, according to Capology, is George Hirst.

This is an interesting one, because, according to Capology’s data on Ipswich Town, the club’s highest earner for this season is a loan player – Brandon Williams. Brandon Williams is said to earn a gross annual figure of £3,380,000. Per week, that means Williams’ gross earnings are estimated to be £65,000.

Hirst’s contract runs through 2027, thus he gets a gross weekly salary of £17,115. As a result, Ipswich Town is committed to paying him a seven-figure sum overall over the ensuing few seasons.

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