The number of Ipswich Town Players and fans detained in 2022–2023

The Tractor Boys made sure they wouldn’t have the same fate after finishing 11th in 2021/22 despite some hopeful indicators in the second half of the season under Kieran McKenna.

Ipswich made their ambitions clear from the beginning of the season, staying unbeaten in their first nine league games and winning six of these.

McKenna’s team only suffered four league defeats throughout the entire season, which led to a second-place finish and automatic promotion from League One to the Championship.

Sadly, despite the team’s success on the field, there was the occasional incident of disturbance among Ipswich Town fans off the field, as there is at every club in the EFL.

Having said that, we’ve compared the number of Ipswich Town supporters detained in connection with football last season to those of other clubs now playing in the Championship and other leagues using new data that was just recently made available by the Home Office.

Any statistics we utilize in this article about football offenses during the 2022–2023 season come from newly available official data from the Home Office.

The information is summarized here.

The data’s main finding, however, is that 2,264 football-related arrests were reported during the 2022–23 season in connection with games featuring English and Welsh clubs and their respective national teams.

According to the Home Office, the following football-related offense types made up the majority of those arrests:

The Home Office notes that, with the exception of alcohol-related offenses, which have fallen over the past ten years, the proportion of arrests by category of offense has remained consistent.

For instance, they were 25% in 2013–2014 but just 9% in 2022–23.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the Football Spectators Act of 1989’s schedule 1 was only updated in November 2022 to include possession of class A substances while entering, seeking to enter, or inside a stadium.

Ipswich Town had nine football-related arrests during the 2022–23 season, per the Home Office data, as reported by Stoke On Trent Live.

This number pales in comparison to some of the worst offenders in the county, such as West Ham United and Manchester United, who together have been charged with 89 and 83 football-related offenses, respectively.

Leeds United was the most prolific offender among Championship clubs this season, while in the Premier League previous season, there were 69 football-related arrests.

Birmingham City (47 football-related arrests), Millwall (47 football-related arrests), Southampton (39 football-related arrests), and Bolton Wanderers (35 football-related arrests) are other EFL teams that rank among the top 15 in the county.

Ipswich Town was the only current Championship team with less arrests than that, while club rivals Norwich City was next on the list with just nine arrests in 2022/23 involving football.



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