Leicester City Boss causing frustration after summer transfer

Youri Tielemans was signed by Aston Villa in the summer on a free transfer from Leicester City, who had been demoted.

It’s safe to say that since joining Aston Villa on a free transfer at the end of the last campaign, things haven’t exactly gone as planned for Youri Tielemans. Even the Premier League team may try to let him go as soon as possible, according to some rumours that should definitely be regarded very lightly.

Under Unai Emery, Tielemans has had difficulty obtaining regular playing time thus far. He’s even discussed that with the management. Although Tielemans’ Villa career is still in its early stages, he clearly possesses the skills necessary to be successful there after making multiple impressions when playing for Leicester City. But the 26-year-old’s debut hasn’t exactly been smooth.

However, there are hints that the Belgian is beginning to settle in. In fact, some statistical images that are making the rounds on social media demonstrate the amount of work he is doing to ensure that his move to Villa Park is a success.

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The former City player’s current state of affairs was candidly discussed in a recent chat with Claret & Blue on the Villa podcast. With a last-minute victory over Zrinjski Mostar, Villa secured their first points of the Europa Conference League campaign, putting all four teams on three points in Group E. Mat Kendrick, one of the hosts, gave his assessment.

He states: “He simply occasionally comes across as a little careless. He was careless with the ball and occasionally made a poor delivery when it was fed back into him on the right side of the penalty box.

“It’s early, and since he doesn’t play in the Premier League much, it’s difficult for him to stay up to date. His background is solid, and it was intriguing to witness Tielemans and (Leander) Dendoncker—as members of Belgium’s golden generation—together. As such, I don’t want to write him off. Both of those would have been regular players in two competitive Premier League teams, Leicester and Wolves, three years ago.

But instead of the high energy speed that we like to watch Villa play with, it becomes a little bit static and one-paced when you see them in the team instead of (Douglas) Luiz, (Boubacar) Kamara, or Jacob Ramsey. Although Tielemans is a considerably better player than what we have seen thus far, I have to say that he disappointed me tonight.

Stuart Plant: Tielemans and all other players require time to become used to a new team and system. However, he doesn’t seem to be athletic enough and is unable to press. I chalk it up to problems with morale and fitness from Leicester’s previous season. But it’s not good enough considering he’s only 26. Needs to get in shape quickly.

Alex Berwick: Tielemans is a major concern of mine. Although I would want for him to show me wrong, he just seems physically done.

Wright, Stephen L. Come on folks, Tielemans is a proven elite center-mid who is off the pace and hasn’t played enough minutes. Additionally, he is not a left-winger, and the CM behind him served as a temporary left-back. Calm down to the core.

Stuart Rae: Tielemans has performed appallingly. He moves quite slowly. It moves quite slowly in every direction and becomes overly congested too soon. It’s doubtful whether he will ever score a run while the club is playing this way.

Rational Villa: It’s difficult to see now, but it might be a good thing. A few of the supporting cast members won’t quite cut it. Olsen, Dendoncker, and Tielemans (still in his early days, but I think he’ll perform well). We’ll have to compete fiercely in both the league and Europe, and we’ll need to be lucky with injuries through January.

The verdict is yet out on whether the former City favorite’s summer transfer will be successful, as Villa will be counting on each member of the team to be consistent as they aim for a top six finish and European recognition.

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