Former England International To Join Luton Town Squad.

Several news outlets, including the Express, are reporting that Andros Townsend, a former England international, is on trial with Luton Town with the hope of gaining a contract.

Although the transfer window has ended, clubs can still sign players who are not under contract, and Townsend falls under that category.


Townsend, 32, has not played a competitive match since suffering an ACL injury in March 2022, but his career has been riddled with appearances for a slew of Premier League clubs, including Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United, Crystal Palace, and Everton.

Townsend has made 13 international appearances for England.

Rob Edwards has provided a wide suggestion, as stated by our linked source, that the player is likely to become a Hatter ahead of our match with Tottenham Hotspur this afternoon, with Rob quoted as having remarked:

“He’s had a fantastic playing career, he’s still really, really keen, hungry to play, but it’s got to be right for him as well, for both parties. I’ve seen real signs of quality, and what we’ve got to make sure is that if we’re going to add to the group, they can help us and make us better.”

That last line, in my opinion, is crucial. With the main goal this season being survival, if we are to bring in that 25th member to the squad, the limit set by the laws, it must be someone who can help the club; is Andros Townsend that man?

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In October, how many points will Luton earn?

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