Breaking; Millwall warned after offensive chants by fans

The Football Association issued a warning to Millwall following disrespectful chanting by their fans.

A corner flag at The Den Millwall placed eighth in the Championship the previous year. The Football Association has threatened to fin Millwall “a very significant financial penalty” if their supporters continue to harass them in a discriminatory manner.

The club was given an action plan by a disciplinary panel after they acknowledged three incidents of abuse involving “express or implied reference to religion.”

The accusations came after in April chants directed towards James McClean of Wigan.

At eight, twelve, and forty-five minutes into the Championship game, incidents happened.

The action plan, which is in effect until the end of the following season, calls for informing fans about the accusation as well as the fact that the shouts were unlawful and disrespectful.

Millwall is going to hold acomplete evaluation of their stewarding and steward training, and “guarantee that the prevention and detection of any discriminatory or inappropriate behaviour is adequately addressed, and is easily accessible for inspection by the relevant Safety Advisory Group and the Football Authorities.”


The club must also assess its public address announcements and CCTV, as well as collaborate with organisations like Kick It Out to promote its anti-discrimination policies.

In addition, Millwall has been warned about their future behaviour and mandated to send two stewards to away games that are considered “high risk.”

“The club strongly condemns discrimination of all kinds and has a zero-tolerance policy against such abuse,” Millwall stated.

“Through the work of its industry-leading Equality Steering Committee, the club takes a very proactive approach to combatting discrimination and continues to work tirelessly on a wide range of initiatives and measures to help continue driving positive change.”

Millwall have also been ordered to send two stewards to away matches deemed ‘high risk’, and warned about their future conduct.

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