SOURCE; What Motherwell Outsanding Super Star Say’s About the Celtic away on Saturday Game.

Blair Spittal thought he had earned his side a point with a late stoppage-time strike… only for Celtic to win it even later.

In spite of recent successes, Motherwell, according to Blair Spittal, hasn’t received what they were due.

Five minutes into the extra period versus Celtic, the midfielder tied Luis Palma’s 85th-minute goal, but two minutes later, the champions scored the winning goal.

The three top Premiership teams were present in each of Motherwell’s most recent three games, according to Spittal, who claims that was their greatest performance of the year.

But he is aware that they need to resume exchanging points.

If you don’t gain courage from such kinds of performances, the last three games have been difficult, he remarked.

We’ve faced up against what are arguably the top three clubs in the league, and I believe we have consistently outperformed them.

When you invest a lot of time and money into games but don’t see any results, it’s just annoying.

“But that’s probably the best we’ve played as a whole collectively throughout the course of the entire season, I’d say, during those last 90 minutes then.

It’s just a pretty painful one to accept, though.

Spittal believed he had given his team a fantastic advantage against Brendan Rodgers’ squad, but the Steelmen were once again left biting their wounds.

“I think you’re hoping to hold on when you score that late on,” he remarked.

“I felt that we deserved something from the game, and I imagine that the last three weeks have been the same as well.

It’s incredibly aggravating, but I believe that everyone can see how well we’re doing, therefore it’s critical that we maintain the current levels of performance.

It’s disappointing because I believe that if we continue to play at that level, we will win more games than we lose.

“It will take some time to get over it, but there’s a good group in there, and we’ll be ready to go, come Monday,” the speaker said.

“I believe the story was similar to what it has been over the past few weeks. Celtic only had a little amount of possession in the area surrounding the goal because of the numerous good chances we produced and the way we limited their possession.

“I don’t believe Liam has done much,”

“I think the emotion when the ball goes in the back of the net was there for all to see,” Spittal continued.

Given how we’ve been playing over the past few of weeks, we believed we had earned this reward, but it’s simply incredibly disheartening.








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