“Giants leaves the game due to a neck injury”

FLORIDA’S MIAMI GARDENS — Daniel Jones, the quarterback for the New York Giants, suffered a neck injury in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 31-16 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Jones was hurt after Andrew Van Ginkel sacked him from behind. He was evaluated in the medical tent before leaving the field with trainers and making his way to the locker room. Within minutes, he was declared ineligible, and Tyrod Taylor took his place.

Afterward, Jones said, “I feel fine.” “Despite some pain, I can think clearly. physical activity. Consult with the trainers and doctors first, and then proceed.

Jones had an X-ray at the stadium after agreeing to a four-year, $160 million contract in the summer. He stated that they were still going over the findings. On Monday, he will get an MRI to determine his condition.

Joshua Ezeudu, the left tackle, was hardly able to stop Van Ginkel as he rushed off the edge and struck Jones in the back. Jones fell to the ground with his body curled up.

Only my neck. My neck hurts. Just little neck pain,” Jones lied, admitting there was more to the issue. He was able to exit the changing area while wearing both his carry-on duffel bag and backpack.

Jones claimed he realized there was a problem as soon as he struck the ground and that he would have to exit the game.

He has had similar experiences in the past. Due to a neck injury, he missed the final six games of the 2021 season. He later underwent an offseason operation, which he said was unconnected. According to individuals who spoke to ESPN, Jones was dealing with a disc ailment at the time. Right now, this appears at least slightly comparable.

Jones answered, “Yeah, it’s hard to say for sure. Deal with a related problem [in 2021]. I’ll meet with the trainers and physicians and then take it from there.

After the game, coach Brian Daboll said it was too early to give any updates on his quarterback. After the game, Daboll did have comfort from his quarterback that it wasn’t something significant.

“When I entered, I noticed him. Daboll stated that he was seated at his locker. “I enquired as to his wellbeing. ‘I’ll be OK,’ he assured them.

Given the thrashing Jones has been receiving, it seemed just a matter of time until his health would be in danger. He was hurt on Sunday as he was sacked for the sixth time in the game. Jones has already experienced 28 sacks in just five games this year.

“You don’t want that,” remarked Daboll. In the game, influencing the quarterback is crucial. We must come up with strategies to properly safeguard him.

Jones had a difficult afternoon against the Dolphins. He completed 14 of 20 passes for 119 yards while under constant pressure, but he did not score any touchdowns or throw any picks. Taylor completed 9 of 12 passes for 86 yards while under constant pressure and while being sacked once.

It’s a requirement of the position, according to Jones. “Playing in the NFL will cause you to be hit. The other side has competent pass rushers. I must therefore consider what I can do to remove the ball from my hands and place it in space.

The offense of New York has gone 125 minutes without a touchdown. The Giants (1-4)’ upcoming game is against the Buffalo Bills on the road Sunday night. Jones, Saquon Barkley (running back), Andrew Thomas (left tackle), and John Michael Schmitz (center) are all questionable for the game due to injuries.

Jones is currently unsure of how concerned he should be following the Giants’ third consecutive defeat and his most recent ailment.

Yeah, it’s hard to say right now, he admitted. “Just meet with the doctors and trainers and go from there.”

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