Status update on Mets managerial search

If you’re a fan of the Mets, you’re undoubtedly curious in the status of the team’s manager search. Not a much just yet, but you might still want a quick update, is the response.

The team has not yet indicated that it has conducted interviews with outside prospects. According to a league source, the Astros have not received a call asking for authorization to speak with bench coach Joe Espada. Carlos Mendoza, the bench coach for the Yankees and a viable option in Cleveland and potentially elsewhere, has likewise not received a response from the Mets.

Manager Craig Counsell of Milwaukee, who was employed by David Stearns, the recently appointed president of baseball operations of the Mets, is not permitted to speak with any other team until his contract expires on October 31. I had been curious if the Brewers, who want to keep  Counsell — would allow it as a courtesy and a way to get the process rolling, but they have not.

Luis Rojas and Buck Showalter

Windows of permission to interview an outside candidate and then decide whether to hire that candidate can be narrow, so teams often wait until everyone is available to stack the interviews on consecutive days.

All of this is to say that the Mets’ search hasn’t really ignited yet. I don’t know if we needed an article for that, but I’m sure you’ve been wondering, so there you go. You have a good day now.

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