Newcastle United star shared mental health battle over online criticism”

Dan Burn and Sean Longstaff attended a mental health session with the Newcastle United Foundation ahead of World Mental Health Day.

Dan Burn, a star for Newcastle United, has spoken out about his troubles off the pitch as part of the team’s World Mental Health initiative. The Blyth native, a tall defender for the Magpies, is a strong and assured presence on the pitch, but like so many others, he has also had to deal with struggles off the pitch. A 21-year-old Burn was receiving internet criticism and was being shipped out on loan spells while still on the Fulham roster.

“It’s difficult when you’re in that negative frame of mind because you don’t actually realise that you’re there, and you think that some of the things you’re fretting and stressing over don’t matter or have an impact, but they do,” he added. I now find it hard to imagine that those thoughts ever entered my mind during the difficult times.

Burn’s story was revealed when he and teammate Sean Longstaff attended a Newcastle United Foundation workshop to see the charity’s work in action. To help eradicate the stigma around mental health, the pair participated in a Q&A session.

Burn stated: “The work that the Foundation accomplishes across all of their initiatives is so crucial, but to experience the work on promoting mental health firsthand is very unique. I can’t stress how strongly I advise anyone who is struggling to contact the Foundation enough because the group’s assistance, support, and unity were evident.

Since its founding in 2020, the Foundation has hosted more than 430 Football Talks sessions to assist people in the area dealing with health conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, and social isolation.

The UK’s greatest adult male suicide rate occurs in the North East, where Football Talks has aided more than 2,000 people in speaking out and sharing their challenges.

“The session was powerful and sad,” continued Longstaff. It was difficult to listen to a man who opened up and discussed suicides in his family. It’s crucial for him to have this group of individuals and the Foundation’s backing because it creates an environment where everyone can lend a hand to and support one another. More difference is being made by these Football Talks workshops than anyone can comprehend or articulate.

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