Report; Newcastle States His great challenges Ahead of Wednesday Game..


Prior to the Paris Saint-Germain coach Luis Enrique’s team’s match with Newcastle United FC on UEFA Champions League Matchday 2 at 21:00 (CET) on Wednesday, October 4, Enrique fielded questions from the media. Excerpts.


They were the fourth-place squad that no one wanted. They are a team that plays with the ball well and works hard. They work as a cohesive unit with a distinct philosophy. They’ll perform in front of their own supporters. For us, it will be a huge struggle.

He is a good fit, a good player, and capable of playing on either wing. He is a fantastic player. He can advance and make more room. He seemed to be doing well in training. He has adapted quite well and rapidly. We are thrilled with him and think he has enormous potential.

“The last time Newcastle was in the Champions League, I played against them. I recall a fantastic team and a wild crowd. They defeated us 3-2, and I scored a goal. However, I recall a fierce battle, and tomorrow will be no different.


“Building a team doesn’t always mean using the same players every game. We are assembling a team that will enable us to carry out our ideology. We always want to field the team with the highest possibility of succeeding, but we also need to consider fitness. I want 23 first-choice players, not an XI.

Every team in the world can falter under that kind of strain, they press hard. We are working on that element, but tomorrow we want to play with our identity and philosophy; we want to put what we practice during the week into practice.


Nobody in Europe or the rest of the world can claim that Newcastle is unable to advance past the group stage. They are a top-notch team that will play in front of their supporters. It is nice to take part in games like that. And having the opportunity to play in such contests makes me envious of my players who will be on the field tomorrow.




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