Tycoon behind Newcastle United takeover gave £84k “

Three donations to the Conservative Party have been made by businesses owned by Amanda Staveley; the most recent was made following news that Boris Johnson had supported the Saudi bid.

The businessman who funded Newcastle United’s takeover by Saudi Arabia has donated £84,500 to the Conservatives.

After making two previous gifts totaling £34,500, one of Amanda Staveley’s companies paid £50,000 in February. Following reports that Boris Johnson supported the Saudi bid for Newcastle while serving as prime minister, the most recent donation was made.

According to a newspaper, his government lobbied the Premier League for approval for months. He was reportedly informed by the monarch of Saudi Arabia that a loss would “have a negative impact on both our countries’ economic relations.”

The agreement was thwarted in 2020 by Premier League protests, but it was revived in October 2021 under the direction of multimillionaire Ms. Staveley, a Yorkshire native. The club paid her company Cantervale about £1 million in consulting fees after the takeover.

Businesses owned by Amanda Staveley have given the Tory party £84k (Image: AFP via Getty Images).(
She is a co-owner of the club through her business, PCP Capital Partners, and serves on the board of directors. Ms. Staveley gave the Conservatives £22,000 in 2019; Cantervale contributed £12,500.

The Middle Eastern state’s violations of human rights were the primary reason for the intense controversy surrounding the £305 million Newcastle acquisition. Among them was the 2018 assassination of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Although the US said Saudi ruler Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gave the go-ahead, “rogue” agents were held accountable.

“I strongly believe government should have a greater role in football, but in a regulatory capacity, not lobbying on behalf of wealthy prospective owners,” stated Lord Foulkes, a member of Labour.The influence of corrupt money is pervasive in our industry, and it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Johnson’s actions and these so-called donations amount to a clear-cut Saudi-arranged quid pro quo. Even though we have grown accustomed to the Conservative party’s crony capitalists, this should highlight the urgent need for a robust regulator.

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