“All For the Interested of the Game and Team”

Oldham will advocate for whatever position is thought to be the best position for the sake of the entire game in this week’s discussion on the future of rugby league below Super League, according to managing director Mike Ford.

Ford said it was time to put club interests on the back burner and to vote for the welfare of the game to the point that clubs should be willing to help each other while speaking from Marseille, France, where he is watching England and his middle son George in the RU World Cup.

He stated:

Why, for instance, couldn’t we all band together and assist Newcastle? Currently, Rugby League is losing three teams from Betfred League One, including the relegated Newcastle Thunder and West Wales Raiders, who quit the semi-pro levels prior to the start of the 2023 season. Rugby Union has lost four clubs in recent months.

We are all involved in this. And even if we can all think of reasons to prioritize our own team, we must all vote for the proposal that is thought to be the greatest for the game as a whole. This has been considered at the board level, and both the board and I share this opinion.

According to ROGER HALSTEAD, the Toronto Wolfpack, Oxford, Hemel Stags, and Gloucester All Golds were among the other teams to leave the professional ranks in recent years. Only Cornwall has bucked that pattern; they have finished two seasons and, on the surface, appear to be on the upswing.

According to Ford, the RL Council met on October 4 to debate the future of Championship and League One teams, but at that time, no decision was made regarding the choices available, and Newcastle had not yet revealed their bombshell.

Added him:

In order to consider all options, we will now hold a Zoom meeting on Thursday. There were initially six or seven choices, but I’m sure that number has now been lowered. We still have choices, but they are fewer. On Thursday, a choice must be made. As I said, the Oldham position is to vote for the benefit of the game.

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