Plymouth sent emphatic Wayne Rooney response after link with Derby County rivals

Wayne Rooney could face Derby County next season after he was linked with a shock move to Plymouth as their new head coach.

The former Rams boss is in the running to succeed Ian Foster who was axed towards the end of last season after a dismal spell. Rooney is currently looking for his next job after a horrendous spell at Birmingham where he lost nine games out of 15.

But Plymouth’s director of football Neil Dewsnip knows Rooney from his time as a coach at Everton’s academy and has been pushing for the move. Rooney’s stock in management rose for a while with the job he did at Derby in the most trying of circumstances with two points deductions and a transfer embargo.

He nevertheless made a valiant effort to keep them in the Championship despite being financially restrained; unfortunately, that battle was lost in the 2021–2022 season.

Following his departure from Pride Park in June 2022, he relocated to DC United and subsequently Birmingham, where he was fired less than three months later. Following the announcement, Plymouth supporters reacted on social media. Here are their thoughts over Rooney’s possible appointment.

“They’ll lose all support,” a fan declared. How do they think? I assumed it was someone who was now on wind-up. Be a shameful representative.”

Someone else said: “I’m genuinely flabbergasted someone thinks this is a good idea!”

A third person said, “I would rather have Foster back than appoint Rooney, not even exaggerating.”

“Have to be honest, don’t mind it,” remarked the fourth.Another said, “I don’t think any of us could bear another season like the previous, and the only plausible rationale I could envision would be that his reputation may attract investment, but IMHO it would be a disaster on the pitch. Declare that it is not true.”

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