EXCLUSIVE; This is Portsmouth’s best League One team in seven seasons, Manager”

For The Day, Gaffer 33-year-old Jamie Brailsford of Hawarden, North Wales, analyzes Pompey’s 2-1 victory over Wigan.

As a result, after 10 games, League One’s leader.

We have been in the top spot at some time in four of the last five years, according to a statistic I recently heard, but this season simply feels a little different.

We have a style of play that controls the game and puts us above some of these clubs. The Cowleys attempted to achieve this, but their brand of football was quite negative, moving constantly backwards and sides while maintaining possession but doing little else.

With the help of Marlon Pack and Joe Morrell in particular, we are now more direct and threatening while still controlling the game. This month, we’ve faced four of the strongest competitors and defeated them all.

It’s perhaps the strongest Pompey team I’ve seen in League One after ten games. Compared to the one Kenny Jackett had, this team is more well-rounded and has outstanding squad depth.


How would you rate Pompey’s performance?



Even though we were down 1-0, the first half was a very strong performance; it never seemed like we were rushing or panicking. In games, we exercise a lot of control.

While in earlier games throughout the previous season, you could sense the pressure and stress, players making errors, and spectators cheering them on. Right now, none of that exists.

Even though it was a professional job, I was yelling for Wigan to be destroyed when they were down to 10 men. The closing 10 minutes were a touch tense when they didn’t need to be because we reduced risks and managed the game out.

We were controlling play and creating lots of chances up until Charlie Wyke saw red. After that, things shifted, but the most important thing was that we won.


Who caught your attention?

Wigan was Alex Robertson’s best performance, and he always seems so collected and poised when he’s on the ball.

He had to play two separate positions, and he excelled at both of them in different ways. He was a 10 who wanted to advance.

As the six, I was teaming up well with Joe Morrell and playing extremely well defensively while trying to get the ball higher up the field and create some things.

Overall, the referee gave us the short end of the stick; he didn’t give us much, either, but I could understand why the Wigan supporters were jeering.

They only ever applauded when he offered them anything.

(7) Will Norris

8 Joe Rafferty


Reilly Poole: 8


(7) Conor Shaughnessy


8 Jack Sparkes


– 7 Marlon Pack


7 Joe Morrell


Nine Alex Robertson


Paddy Lane, eight


7 for Colby Bishop


6 Abu Kamara








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