The stress that Ranger’s striker is putting on his former teammate will last until the end of December.

Former Rangers striker Kenny Miller has emphasized how crucial it is for Michael Beale to stay through December in order to boost morale at the team.

Beale’s team has kept three clean sheets in their past three games across all competitions, but they put on a dismal performance to edge out Motherwell at the weekend.

The Rangers manager’s popularity with the supporters is at an all-time low, and despite recent results, many would like to see the board fire him.

Miller said that Beale is now operating on a game-by-game basis and that a loss might mean the end of his Rangers career.


His belief that Rangers would win the Scottish League Cup and advance to the knockout stages of the Europa League gives him reason for optimism.

The former Rangers player acknowledged that Beale must continue to succeed, but he believed that if he could lead the team through the mont

h of December, things at the club might turn around.

If Rangers lose on Wednesday, or even if they lose on Saturday, there will be serious discussions at Ibrox, Miller stated on Clyde 1’s Superscoreboard.

“However, if I jump ahead to December, you won’t face Celtic until the very last day of the month.

“I predict that by the first week of December, Rangers will have advanced to the knockout stages of the Europa League.


“I think Rangers will win the League Cup in the second week of December, and it needs to get to that stage.

“Based on what I saw on Sunday, I can’t say it with a lot of confidence, but the fact is that they aren’t playing well, but they still managed to defeat Motherwell, who could be the third-best team in the nation right now.

“If he can reach that stage, there will undoubtedly be some optimism, and in order to do so, he must continue to triumph.

Until the upcoming Old Firm matchup against Celtic at the end of December, many people think Beale cannot lose another game in Scottish football.

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