Livingston manager claims “three or four” Rangers stars admitted referee was wrong to let the star open a stand at Ibrox.

Aside from that, David Martindale asserts that he can “pretty much guarantee” that Livingston would never have been given a goal against Rangers if the roles had been reversed.

After the loss to Rangers, David Martindale told LivingstonTV, “The first goal is the game changer when you came away to Ibrox, Parkhead, the big clubs, it’s really really difficult.”

“The first goal, a foul on Jamie, alters the tone of the game. It’s a flagrant foul, and I can say more here than I can on television.

I won’t identify who I spoke to, but I had the identical response from three of the four Rangers players: ‘Can’t believe the goal was given, can’t believe that it wasn’t a foul.

“Now, if it’s at the opposite end of the park, I can very much guarantee that we won’t be receiving that.

Abdallah Sima’s goal gave Rangers the lead, and the team would go on to win by four goals overall thanks to goals from Ryan Jack, Ridvan Yilmaz, and Luiyi de Lucas (OG).

While David Martindale may complain, the goal definitely has similarities to the goal against Celtic a few weeks ago that was rejected for Kemar Roofe.

And if the referees union was attempting to even the score, they didn’t need to bother.


When a just goal—one that was a lot softer than this one—was erased at Ibrox, Don Robertson had already done the damage.


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