New Sheffield Wednesday boss point with Robert Lewanowski”

Robert Lewandowski’s point allays concerns about experience for the next Sheffield Wednesday manager.Getty Images/Eurasia Sport Images/Peter Loureiro
Robert Lewandowski’s point allays concerns about experience for the next Sheffield Wednesday manager.

After dismissing Xisco Munoz, Sheffield Wednesday appointed German Danny Rohl as manager.

At 34 years old, Rohl is currently the youngest manager in the EFL and this will be his first managerial position.

This indicates that he has taught athletes who are either his own age or older, which includes Lee Gregory, the striker for the Owls.

However, Rohl has experienced this issue with notable players like Robert Lewandowski and Manuel Neuer in his past coaching responsibilities, such as assistant manager at Bayern Munich.

Danny Rohl alleviates experience concerns

Regarding his interactions with senior players, Rohl stated that he is not concerned about this.

“Experience is key,” he stated to The Sheffield Star.

“I had Lewandowski in Munich, and he was older than I was, along with Manuel Neuer. Building a strong relationship with them is crucial, but it’s also about the human element. It doesn’t matter who the player is or how old they are; what matters is that they are human, and success in the future can only come from an accepting community.

Danny Rohl on his “fundamentals”

Additionally, Rohl said that his “principles” and the players’ ability to adhere to them will determine how his team plays on Wednesday, rather than him having a predetermined structure in mind.

“I look to bring my principles into my mind and then determine which shape we’ll play.” Principles are more important than formation here. The tenets are unchangeable, yet we can play with a five or a four.

“We must remain compact, win the ball high, force the opposition away from our goal, and attack when the opportunity arises. Here are a few of the items.

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