Player ‘will return’ to Southampton next summer – Club already working on a replacement

There has been enthusiasm in the Dutch media over the signing of Armel Bella-Kotchap by PSV from Southampton this summer.

Although he has recently disappeared from the team, the local press was pleased with his initial performances for the club and even questioned whether that loan would turn into a permanent deal.

Bella-Kotchap ‘will return’ to Southampton at the end of the season, according to PSV Fans, who are passing along information from journalist Rik Elfrink.

The Dutch club’s interest in Miles Robinson is the mainfocus of their narrative; following a failed attempt this summer, they plan to pursue him once more in 2019.A central defender, Robinson would be brought in to PSV to take Bella-Kotchap’s place in the lineup.

He’ll be back at St. Mary’s at the conclusion of the season, the report says, recalling that the loan agreement with Southampton did not include a buy option.

Although it might seem too soon for such a declaration, PSV may already have taken that position. Bella-Kotchap’s contract with the Saints goes through 2026 in the event that he returns to England.

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