This north London derby promises to be different – with Spurs’ new-look…..

This promises to be a north London derby unlike any other because Ange Postecoglou, not Jose Mourinho or Antonio Conte, may be in control of Tottenham.

I don’t think Spurs would have been able to play Angeball the same way if Harry Kane had stayed, but they might not have as many points as they would have had he stayed.

This season, I have attended every Tottenham game. Richarlison or Son Heung-Min have been the trigger to be pressed.

Spurs’ striker must continuously pursue opponents, but Kane lacks the dynamism to do so despite having a wealth of other skills.

In that regard, the decision to trade the England captain to Bayern was advantageous.With Spurs under Ange Postecoglou’s leadership, this North London Derby promises to be unique. They may play differently and apply more pressure now that Harry Kane is no longer playing for Spurs.

He now has complete freedom to play fast-paced, high-risk football with fewer expectations placed on him.Daniel Levy's 'mistake' verdict on Jose Mourinho will ring true for some at  Manchester United - Manchester Evening News

Postecoglou wouldn’t have had a problem if Kane had stayed; he’s a clever football manager and would have made adjustments to get the most out of him. But it wouldn’t be in the same manner as what we have seen thus far.

The high press has been successfully applied.

Their biggest test will come against Arsenal away from home, and I can’t wait to watch if Spurs give in and apply the handbrake.

I have a suspicion that it won’t, in which case we’ll be in for a nail-biter between two hot teams. PSV paid a premium for giving Arsenal a shot in midweek, but Postecoglou’s team has superior players than PSV’s.Record-setting Kane hits hat-trick as Bayern crush Bochum

Kane won’t likely feel envious of Spurs’ strong start. Agendas for footballers change frequently.In their largest test to yet, it will be interesting to watch if Spurs sacrifice their values.

Yes, he would have preferred to have played alongside James Maddison during the past several years, but because Jamal Musiala at Bayern is giving him opportunities, he won’t think too much about it.

As I did when Liverpool won the Champions League in Istanbul the season I left, there will be a pain of “that should have been me” if Spurs win the FA Cup in May.

Kane will, though, primarily be rooting for his friends to succeed at Arsenal.

I hope Postecoglou keeps the full-backs flying and the midfielders free to enter the box like they have for Spurs thus far.Unless Postecoglu magically transforms into Conte, there should be goals because Arsenal has a lot of firepower as well. It escapes my sight.




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