Breaking; The most Famous Democrat calls on Government to Support Reading FC…

The Liberal Democrats’ candidate for Wokingham, Clive Jones, is calling for government action to save Reading Football Club.

The fans have been fighting to get rid of owner Dai Yongge after 16 points were taken away in three years as a result of numerous careless conduct from the owner, including failing to pay staff wages on time and relegation as a direct result of these activities.

Mass protests involving tennis balls that stopped play during the last two home games have been reported, and MPs from the Labour and Conservative parties have written to Lucy Frazer, secretary of it for culture, media, and sport.

Football clubs are the lifeblood of towns and cities across the nation, according to Mr. Jones. Weekends are spent by many Wokingham residents watching Reading FC. Reading was a Premier League football team ten years ago. We desire for them to return to the Championship and eventually the Premier League.

“It is unacceptable for owners to view football clubs as vanity projects, without giving the thousands of Loyal Royals any thought or consideration.”

The ‘Sell Before We Dai’ movement, a supporter-led protest organization calling for a change in ownership, has the backing of the Wokingham Liberal Democrats.


The following initiatives are suggested by the Wokingham Lib Dems:

We request that the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport investigate ways in which it may help the EFL prevent the possibility of going into administration and find new owners for Reading FC.
When it comes to examples of poor management, the EFL has to rethink the way it punishes football clubs. Deductions in points damage supporters more than owners. This is not how it should be.
Any government initiatives to establish a regulatory organization to assist in regulating the ownership of professional football clubs must be expedited.

The history of Reading Football Club dates back more than 150 years, and Mr. Jones continued, “We must be doing everything we can to ensure that it can continue as the beloved local institution that it is.” “The Department for Culture, Media, and Sport must take action now.”




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