Old footage of West Ham supporters overpowering Europa


You’ll get chills seeing this old clip of West Ham United supporters drowning out the Europa Conference League song before the championship game.

In the June Europa Conference League final in Prague, West Ham defeated Fiorentina 2-1 to win their first major championship since 1980.

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Since taking over as manager for the second time back in December 2019, Hammers manager David Moyes has elevated us to a new level as a football team, and for that he is truly deserving of great praise.

Every West Ham supporter will always remember that evening in Prague four months ago, especially the ones who were born after our 1980 FA Cup success.

And that evening, everyone here in the capital of the Czech Republic was incredibly proud of those who were there.

footage shows West Ham supporters stifling the Europa Conference League anthem prior to the final
Social media users have been sharing a video of the June final out in Prague once more.

And before the game, every single supporter of West Ham should view the video below, which shows the army in blue and white drowning out the ECL anthem:

Simply said, wow! How amazing our support system is. We genuinely have the greatest support system in the nation, regardless of what anybody else may say.

Without the unwavering support of the supporters during our European campaign the previous season, the guys would not have been able to succeed.

Upon viewing the aforementioned video, my pride as a Hammers supporter is heightened.

You’ll get chills from seeing the West Ham fans totally drown out the Europa League hymn!

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