Report; West Ham v Backa Topola, Liverpool & Lincoln, others talking points..

West Ham United lost to Liverpool on the road for the second time this season, sandwiching two cup victories over League One Lincoln City and Serbian team Backa Topola.a

Chris Wilkerson of KUMB selects five crucial moments from the last 270 minutes of football as he looks back on a week that featured three games in three different competitions…

[…] Nothing One same problem, two completely dissimilar games. Read Ings and Kudus against The Imps for Antonio and Bowen at the weekend. The difference is that inferior teams won’t penalize you, whereas Liverpool, for example, will.

After Ogbonna’s helper for the foreign team in Europe, Aguerd’s string of careless mistakes in defense continued. Pushing our large Greek center back, or Zouma if he or she is unhappy there, to the left would only produce the same effects.

Bowen CAN Complete

Okay, he missed a clear-cut opportunity, but Jarrod’s scoring streak has included some exquisite goals. Perfect and probably a better goal than the wonder strike against Bournemouth was the diving header. The main concern about pushing him up front is not so much about the laborious effort that needs to be done, but rather whether doing so could mess with his rhythm. Why alter what is effective?

Where is Kudus performing?

Jarrod has been on a scoring spree, and while there was a glaring opportunity wasted, he has still scored some beautiful goals. The diving header was ideal and most likely a greater goal than the incredible strike against Bournemouth. The biggest issue with pushing him forward isn’t so much the strenuous effort required, but rather whether doing so could disrupt his rhythm. Why change what is working?

Where will Kudus be appearing?




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