West Ham forward Super Star was “sheepish” as he made his way past reporters after his side’s defeat to Liverpool…..

Prior to the matchup on Sunday, September 24, Antonio predicted that West Ham would triumph at Anfield and ultimately finish ahead of Liverpool in the Premier League this year.

However, the Hammers were defeated 3-1 in Merseyside, and Antonio was oddly applauded when he left the field in the second half after failing to make an impression.

Later, when Antonio was leaving the stadium, he turned down the opportunity to talk with reporters in the mixed area.

Gorst stated: “The smile was a wry one from Michail Antonio as he made his way into the post-match mixed zone area on Sunday afternoon in a ‘unseen moments’ story for the Liverpool Echo’s web edition [25 September].

After the game, Antonio made his way past the gathered media but offered little more than a knowing smile and a bowed head as he turned down the chance to speak with any of the reporters there.

After making the unexpected statements on his podcast, Antonio was much more contrite when he was working full-time.

Justify your claims.

To put it mildly, Antonio’s remarks from last week were audacious.

It’s one thing to be upbeat, but there was always a good potential that these remarks would come back to bother him, and that’s exactly what happened.

The Jamaican international co-hosts a well-known podcast, so he pretty much makes the news every week with different declarations.

After his most recent remarks, Antonio truly can’t be held responsible for keeping his mouth shut and departing Anfield without addressing the collected journalists.

That would certainly be amazing, but based on this past weekend, there is still a significant difference between the two clubs.

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