huge injury blow: Star suffers injury, as Collingwood beat Geelong in thriller

Defender hospitalised following incident with fractured arm; Magpies mount a late comeback to win 19.11 (125) to 16.7 (103)

Following his carried off the MCG with a broken forearm during Collingwood’s thrilling 22-point AFL victory over Geelong, defender Jeremy Howe has been admitted to the hospital and will likely need surgery.

In the third period of the thrilling round one match on Friday night, Howe was involved in a horrific collision with Geelong small forward Tyson Stengle.

Despite falling behind the reigning premiers by as much as 22 points in the third quarter, Collingwood stormed back to win

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Coach Craig McRae described Howe as “such an important player, he’s a vice-captain, we all love him.”

It is quite disturbing and disorderly. Moore told the Seven Network, “We have to put it behind us and focus on our business.

The Collingwood player was launched skyward by the collision between Howe and Stengle as they battled a high ball.

After landing hard on his left arm, play was halted for a few minutes while he was attended to by medical personnel.

The Seven Network decided not to rerun the incident because Howe need the infamous “green whistle” to get some immediate pain relief.

The collision forced Stengle to exit the field as well, however he was able to come back.

term and scored five goals against none in the last quarter to secure a comman


ding victory.

One of Collingwood’s greatest players, Jordan De Goey, scored his third goal late in the previous term with a powerful 50-meter strike to seal the victory.

Collingwood hasn’t achieved a higher score since they advanced to the grand final

in 2018.

“Coming here tonight, I was so confident. Knowing that we’ve done the work, I’m incredibly thrilled for what could be as I drive in,” McRae remarked.

On their route to the premiership, the Cats defeated Collingwood by six points in last year’s thrilling qualifying final, which was another memorable game of the season.

Due to a knee issue, fellow Cats defender Sam De Koning had to leave the game but was able to come back.

The pitch was resurfaced following the Ed Sheeran concerts earlier this month, and Stewart and De Koning seemed to have problems staying on it when they were injured.

After the game, Geelong coach Chris Scott stated, “To compromise the surface is a strange decision to make voluntarily… it was an own goal, I reckon.”

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With an incredible sophomore year, last year’s Rising Star Nick Daicos exhibited no early symptoms of second-year ennui.

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