Everton use intermediary to initiate contact for signing – Middleman can help

Everton are the latest club to become interested in Corinthians forward Wesley, according to claims from Brazil.

Lance writes that the Toffees currently monitor the player and ‘study’ the possibility of making a bid in the January transfer window.

The outlet claims Everton have ‘signalled their interest’ through an intermediary, without handing an offer to Corinthians or the player.

That enables the Toffees to use that middleman to find out more about a deal before potentially going ahead.

The Toffees had recently been linked to centre-forward Yuri Alberto, and Lance says that it was while observing him that they had their attention drawn to Wesley.

It’s said that Corinthians’ derby against São Paulo was the specific match which ‘filled the eyes’ of Everton, who now want his signing.Toffees Bid For Brazilian Wonderkid? | Everton News Daily - YouTube

According to the report, the Toffees got in touch with agent Giuliano Bertolucci to intermediate a potential deal.

A negotiation, however, is only likely to happen after the end of November, when Corinthians are having a new presidential election.

Wesley was recently linked to Chelsea after being spotted next to a club scout, but as explained by the Brazilian media, that was just a mere coincidence.

We’re still to see how much Everton would have to pay for the winger, who’s protected by a €100m release clause.

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