The Lincoln City Results That Have Only Happened Once

You know the ones I mean – when you raise an eyebrow and say, ‘That doesn’t come up much.’ We’re not talking about 1-0 wins here, we’re talking aboLiverpoout generation-defining results that are rarely matched. For instance, Newcastle’s 8-0 win at Sheffield United, or our 7-2 defeat against l.

How many of you remember another game involving the Imps finishing 7-2? You probably don’t, but it’s popped up a few times, notably against Sheffield Wednesday (1892) and Notts Rangers in an earlier FA Cup game. 6-2, like we beat Forest Green the other year? Please,

score in 1936, having previously lost to Rochdale by the same score on Christmas Day in 1925. We’ve even seen a couple of 8-3 finishes, Barrow were beaten in the FA Cup in 1930, and Wrexham were hammered by that score at the Bank in November 1938; incidentally, Andy Pearson’s first match at the Bank.

I decided I wanted to find the most unique results in the Imps’ history. I’ve only counted League, FA Cup, EFL Trophy and League Cup, and I have not included the war years, 1914-1919 or 1939-1945 (ruling out a 6-5 win against Forest and an 8-5 win against Notts County).

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